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When someone has a stoma indicates that the person suffered a previous serious illness. Unfortunately, cancer is the cause of nearly 80% of all ostomy surgeries that go on to require ostomy medical supplies.

The word ostomy refers to a type of surgery conducted when a person has lost the bowel or bladder's normal function, and there is a large selection of ostomy medical supplies to help patients after their surgeries. This surgery falls into three categories:

  • Colostomy (diverting the large intestine)
  • Ileostomy (diverting the small intestine)
  • Urostomy (diverting urine passage)

When someone undergoes ostomy surgery, the surgeon creates a surgical opening through the abdominal wall. This opening is called a “stoma." A stoma can be temporary or permanent. Bodily wastes are expelled into a special appliance attached to the stoma. These appliances are provided by trusted companies such as US Ostomy Supply, Inc.


Ostomy Medical Supplies in Bedford, TX

There are many types of ostomy medical supplies such as colostomy supplies, ileostomy supplies, and urostomy supplies that make it possible for patients to continue living a healthy life and continue to engage in the activities they enjoy. Swimming, traveling, exercising, and bathing are all possible with the right equipment.

US Ostomy Supply carries high-quality one and two-piece ostomy systems, ostomy pastes and powders, skin barriers, and deodorants to help you remain healthy, active, and comfortable. All of these types of ostomy medical supplies are produced by well-known and reputable ostomy manufacturers such as Hollister, Convatec, Coloplast, Bard, and Nu-Hope.



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Colostomy Medical Supplies in Bedford, TX

Colostomy Medical Supplies in Bedford, TX

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